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I am so excited to share with you the amazing things that happened when a group of our Coworking Cooperative members decided to participate in Elizabeth Goddard’s Tripwire Training “Get it Done Week”. Participants set up the freebie/tripwire (based on the material inside Lizzzy’s course Tripwire Training). Those who got it done and submitted by the deadline were included in a shout out to Lizzy’s list of about 30,000 people. What a motivation!

I found it interesting that so many of the people who participated in the “Get it Done Week” bought the course previously, watched it but never ‘got it done’. I may (or may not) have been one of them.

This was a chance to get it done and to get a delightful shout out if they followed through. 

And wow, did they ever!

Our Members Are Amazing

Within our little group most people got everything step up and submitted in time. A couple of people missed the deadline, but got everything in place shortly thereafter. 

The creativity, ingenuity, and hard work our members put into their submissions. blew me away. Despite tech snafus, unexpected life events and just plain exhaustion our little group really shone.  They supported and encouraged each other, shared ideas, and offered feedback. It was a beautiful example of the power of community and collaboration. It was truly inspiring.

And the best thing is, I get to share their creations with you!

You get to support these amazing entrepreneurs and their businesses. And you get to check out their fabulous freebies and get the incredible value they have put into them. 

So, a huge shout out to everyone who participated in our challenge. You all did an amazing job and I am so proud of each and every one of you. Keep up the great work and let’s continue to support each other in our businesses and beyond!

Check Out the Freebies

And without further ado, here is that list of amazing freebies I promised you:

pages laid out with the words 3 secrets to successful homeschooling

3 Secrets to Successful Homeschooling (that no one ever tells you…) PDF Guide

by Molly Christensen from Building Heroes at Home

Discover the secrets to successful homeschooling that veteran homeschool moms know in this free guide. You’ll learn how to create the best environment for learning, how to trust yourself, and why it doesn’t need to take more than 1-2 hours a day to homeschool. When you learn the pattern for your homeschool journey, you’ll be on the path to confident homeschooling in no time. Get your copy now!

Sewing for Kids – A Parents’ Roadmap to Success

by Giselle Ysidron from SewKids! Inc.

This guide highlights the importance of teaching children how to sew and the numerous benefits it can bring to their development. It offers tips on how to assess a child’s suitability for sewing and provides cost-effective ways to get started. The guide also includes beginner project ideas and ways that SewKids! can assist parents in their child’s sewing journey.

Children at a table making things with works Sewing for kids
image of woman crying while a man comforts here with words Loving through loss

Loving Through Loss: A Resource Guide for the Bereaved and Those That Love Them

by Anne Kidder from Kidderbug Kreations

Grieving is always hard, but you don’t have to go through it alone…
With our free resource guide, you’ll find support for yourself and ways to help others who are grieving.

  • Get additional support with our hand-picked resource guide of books and websites.
  • Find comforting words when a friend or family member is grieving.
  • Relax and find comfort with coloring pages and journals to help you through the healing process.

Business Fun Catchers

by Magda Therrien from Coworking Cooperative

Alleviate indecision, increase productivity and up the fun factor with these Business Fun Catchers. They are just as much fun the cootie catchers or paper fortune tellers you played with as a kid.
Choose any or all four Fun Catchers to make daily business decisions, business simplification, self care anything else more fun and productive.
Put an end to indecision and move the needle.
Have fun while doing it.

Paper "Business Fun Catcher" being opened and closed

And for those of you who are reading this and are not yet part of Coworking Cooperative, what are you waiting for? Come join us for focused coworking almost every work day of the month and be a part of the amazing things we are doing together. 

In March, 2023 for example, we are doing a Reel-ly Great Challenge. Members post Reels or other short videos and learn all kinds of fun, efficient and effective short video strategies, processes and tips.