Tech Stack

Here are some of the products and services I use in my business every day and highly recommend.  Please note that some of these are affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase, I may make a small commission at no extra charge to you.
I do have bonuses for those who purchase through my affiliate links, so if you do, please let know, so that I can get your bonus to you.

Switchy on AppSumo<br />


Experience the power of (and see some of what it can do below), not just a link shortener but a comprehensive engagement platform.

  • customize and track your links,
  • enhance conversions with advanced features
  • effortlessly retarget users
  • craft mobile-optimized smart pages
  • guide your audience to effective channels with intelligent deep links
  • get effortless real-time data, detailed analytics, and streamlined campaigns with A/B testing. transforms your links from simple redirects into powerful marketing tools. Join the revolution today!

This tool makes me and make links look professional and beautiful and makes tracking a breeze.

And right now you can get a life-time deal on through AppSumo.

Appsumo Switchy QRcode.

Publer Social Media Scheduler

 Menekse’s Marketing Magic

Get all your marketing copy done now, as if by magic.

This is truly one of the most magical tools in my arsenal.

Create copy for your every aspect of your business. Make it in your voice, your tone and your style quickly and easily. Create copy for your:

  • branding
  • website
  • content
  • funnel
  • welcome sequence
  • digital product shop
  • physical product shop
  • social media
  • blog
  • video transcripts and more

This amazing dashboard will create the first draft of all the things in minutes. It saves me hours of time every week!

Get Menekse’s Marketing Magic Dashboards here:

Menekse's Marketing Magic Dashboard

Smart Quiz Builder

Email Marketing Memebership

Liz’s fun and easy style helps you craft amazing weekly emails that help you connect and convert your audience.

Every Monday a new email template with variations and a walk-through video drops so that you can create emails in a snap.

Get Liz Wilcox’s Email Marketing Membership here:

MailerLite Logo


A wonderful email marketing system that allows you to send newsletters (weekly  emails) and automations.

It is a robust, subscriber based email system that even allows you to create a single email with blocks that go out to various groups! That is super exciting.

It also allows you to create landing pages and popups.

Publer (the Social Media Scheduler) mascot "flying" out from behind the logo


This is the perfect scheduler for all the places: Facebook, Facebook Groups, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so much more!


  • Pull everything together.
  • See all your posts (even those your posted natively.
  • Add CTA buttons on Facebook posts without having to make them ads.
  • Bulk import all your posts.
  • Create a landing page for you Link in bio.
Smart Quiz Builder Gif<br />

Smart Quiz Builder

Create an amazing list-building quiz, calculator, assessment, or any of a large variety of quiz types quickly and easily with this WP plug in.

Digital Access Pass box and CD


This amazing all-in-one course/membership platform is so feature rich. Here is just a small sampling of what is included.

  • Create courses and memberships.
  • Custom domain.
  • Built it video, audio, PDF, ebook and other media library with tags.
  • Quizzes and surveys.
  • Assignments.
  • Page builder.
  • Order Bumps and Upsells.
  • Landing and thank you pages.
  • Checkout pages.
  • Marketing funnels.
  • Email and automation capabilites.
  • Blog.
  • One time payments, subscriptions and payment plans.
  • Tiered levels for courses and memberships.
  • Live classes, webinars, interactive and streaming webinars – it includes Zoom!
  • Calendar feature.
Women working on a Virtual call with a coffee cup and Magda cheering them on with the words Coworking Cooperative

Coworking Cooperative

Side by side we make progress.

A Day of Doing Get it done in a day woman looking and phone and cheering

A Day of Doing

Get a ton done with a full day of 1-to-1 support, accountability and guidance!


Smaller Tools

Group Collector

Available on AppSumo for a limited time!

Add new group members to Google Sheets AND to your autoresponder automagically. 

Use with unlimited groups and for unlimited group members.

Easy and reliable. 

Approve members manually or set up criteria to have them approved automatically.


Upload your audios or videos and get a transcript, quotes, shownotes, summaries, bios, key topics and more.


Use GPT anywhere and everywhere.

This tool allows you to use GPT right where you need it. It always astounds me how much time it can save me every day. I use it all the time inside Google Docs, Sheets, WordPress and so much more.