Hi, I’m Magda.

I have been struggling with distraction all of my life.

In the past few years, I have taken my psychology, business admin and education background, applied my research and experimentation skills that I honed in graduate school and research jobs and crafted several approaches that have finally lead to more productivity despite all those decades of distraction.

word "productivity" leading to the word "action" leading back to "productivity"

Now I am sharing them with you, brilliant and distracted entrepreneurs, through Coworking Cooperative.

My vision is a world where people like us easily thrive in business and in life.

My core values are encouragement, creativity, simplicity, fun and community.

Coworking Cooperative offers a coworking membership (productive in action), an upcoming mastermind membership, one-to-one support, workshops, courses, toolkits and unique productivity tools and systems that make work feel fun.

Come and have fun and be more productive with us, because side-by-side we make progress.