I am so excited to share the launch of Productivish: Musings of a Distracted Entrepreneur aka the Productivish Podcast!

This podcast has been decades in the making.

No, I did not decide to start a podcast decades ago (they didn’t exist back then), but I have been self-narrating my distraction and my attempts to overcome it and to be consistent and productive for decades. And, while I won’t bore you with my life story, I will distill some of what I have learned and pass on some approaches you might want to consider if you are a distracted entrepreneur.

I know that you feel that there is always more to do. And that is a good thing. Listen to this episode of Productivish: Musings of a Distracted Entrepreneur to find out more!

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So, hello and welcome to “Productivish: Musings of a Distracted Entrepreneur”.

I’m Magda Therrien of CoworkingCooperative.com and with each episode of Productivish, we explore ways of finally becoming more consistent and productive despite decades of distraction.

I share some of the things that work for me and others. Together, we’ll explore ideas to help you finally be consistent and productive too!

We will cover tips, tricks and tools of all sorts. We’ll look at various topics such as planning for those who hate to plan, planning for those who love to plan but don’t follow through, batching for those who can’t batch, Allowing yourself to suck, various mindset topics, pricing considerations, decision making and so much more.

Have a listen and then come and hang out with others just like you in our Productivish Facebook Group: facebook.com/groups/productivish spelled PRODUCTIVISH

Talk soon!

I sincerely hope you love listening to the Productivish Podcast as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you!