People LOVE quizzes! I don’t mean the “surprise quiz” Miss Toner sprung on you in 10th grade history class. I mean the fun, interactive quizzes people love to participate in on the Internet and are great quizzes for lead generation.

These can be those fun personality quizzes, “What Harry Potter character are you?” or trivia quizzes, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” (which can be shockingly like that 10th grade “surprise quiz” Miss Toner set you, but so much more fun), to quizzes that assess what you need and when “Which foundation is right for you?”

Quizzes are irresistible, fun and shareable, so they make incredible lead magnets!

You can also add quizzes to

  • assess students’ knowledge and comprehension your courses,
  • increase engagement,
  • boost SEO when customers stay on you page longer to complete the quiz,
  • educate your audience in a fun way
  • build awareness of you, your company and your products
  • help your audience to make decisions and to make personalized recommendations,
  • create better customer service experiences,
  • help you understand your audience,
  • collect feedback to help you make decisions in your business,
  • create free and paid resources to calculate things your audience needs calculated,
  • add a bit of fun to your customer experience.
  • appeal to customers at every stage of the customer journey with multiple quizzes

Awesome, sign me up!

But . . .

How Much is Creating Quizzes for Lead Generation Going to Cost?

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If you look around the Internet for these amazing tools that help you create these quizzes, you can expect to pay at least $20 a month and much, much more if you want some of the advance feature . . .

Wait, what?!?

Or you can do what I did and get the most comprehensive quiz builder I have ever seen or used for a very reasonable price.

Smart Quiz Builder (SQB) is truly remarkable. And you get ALL the features starting at only $69 (at the time of writing). And that price is a one time fee which includes a full year of (excellent) support and updates. If you want to install SQB over unlimited WordPress sites you own and have a lifetime of (excellent) support and upgrades, you can even get the Lifetime License.

“But wait”, you say, “I want to use these quizzes on a non-WordPress site, I guess I can’t use this tool 🥲”.

Yes, you can! Once you create your quizzes on a WordPress site you can embed them anywhere (I have, and it works beautifully).

What Kind of Quizzes Can I Create?

You can create personality quizzes, trivia quizzes and quizzes to assess what your audience needs, but that is just the beginning.

You can also create 

  • scoring quizzes with weighted scores. These are  great to add to your courses, workbooks or other free and paid resources. 
  • surveys get feedback from your customers, your leads and others so you can improve your interactions, your marketing and your products.
  • calculators to give your customers  recommendations, estimates or personalized sizing based on their specific situation.
  • polls to get feedback in a quick and easy way.
  • and even plain forms to gather lead information easily.

With Smart Quiz Builder you can 

  • Create a super simple quizzes
  • Create a  quiz that segments your leads as they become your leads.
  • Add personalization so that the quiz experience is more akin to a conversation than a generic opt-in.
  • Add branching logic to your quiz so that each quiz-taker gets a personalized quiz experience with questions that are based on answers they give during the quiz.

What Else Can Smart Quiz Builder Do?

I am so glad you asked! 

Smart Quiz Builder Makes It Easy for You

With Smart Quiz Builder, you can create different outcomes based on your quiz-taker’s answers and add people to your email list based on their answers.

You can also directly integrate your quiz with Google Sheets so that you can analyze your results in any way you want. 

And this is in addition to the great analytics and reports generated by Smart Quiz Builder itself. 

SBQ comes preloaded with templates and pre-built quizzes that you can customize to your own needs so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

Enable email verification for your quizzes.

Preview your quiz, clone whole quizzes and duplicate questions.

Brand your quizzes and set general defaults.

Choose from a variety of popups to invite users to take your quiz.

Add your quizzes to your site with simple shortcode or to any site with embed code.

Enable on GDPR support for your quizzes.

Your Audience Gets a Great Experience With SBQ

Quiz-takers can be redirected to the most appropriate resources or sales pages specifically related to their specific responses.

Animate your buttons.

Set off animated confetti to help quiz-takers celebrate their results. And you can even have SBQ generate certificates to quiz-takers. This is super useful for quizzes included in your programs,  but can be a fun touch to lead generation quizzes as well. Quiz-takers can print a certificate with their quiz results and put it on their wall as a reminder of your quiz, of you and of how they fit into your world. 

Choose whether you want users to be able to skip the opt-in screen completely.

Set timers and time limits, allow or disallow users to retake the quizzes, randomize the answers in a questions or randomize questions in you quiz.

Smart Quiz Builder will even automatically create PDF reports to send directly to your quiz-takers with their quiz results and whatever else you want to include. WOW!

You can create a student dashboard with all the quizzes that users have done, look up their results, and see what other quizzes you have that they might be interested in.

Quiz-takers can share their quiz results to social media directly from Smart Quiz Builder, encouraging others to come and take the quiz too, creating a self-perpetualizing lead generation machine.

What Kinds of Questions Can I Ask with Smart Quiz Builder?

In short, you can ask just about any kind of question you can think of with Smart Quiz Builder.

More specifically, there are the basics and so much more. You can ask 

  • Single choice – quiz-takers choose one of the available options
  • Multi-choice  – users can choose more than one of the available options 
  • True/False – quiz-takers choose between two options, only one or which is correct
  • Yes/No – users choose yes or no
  • Image based questions and answers – you can ask questions with multiple choice images to make the quiz easier to understand or to show concepts difficult to explain
  • Slider – quiz-takers slide to choose the most appropriate response
  • Drop down – users choose one of several options for a drop down menu
  • Date – users enter a day
  • Numerical Value – quiz-takers enter a number
  • Rating Scale – users choose a rating on a scale determined by you
  • Ranking/Choice – user rank the available options 
  • Matrix-style – quiz-takers make choices based on two different variables
  • Weighted questions – different questions can contribute more or less significantly to a scoring quiz
  • Fill-in-the-blank – quiz-takers fill in sections left blank in a sentence
  • Complete the Sentences – users complete a sentence you begin.
  • Open-Ended Text – users write longer form responses
  • File Upload – users upload files in response to a question

Now What?

With all that, you might be thinking, where do I begin?

Don’t try to use all the features of this very feature-rich software all at once. Start small.

Decide on what you want your first quiz to achieve, your goal. I am going to guess that it’s to bring in more leads and grow your email list with people who are just the right fit for what you offer.

Think about what they need to understand before they are a perfect fit for your audience.

Get Smart Quiz Builder and install it on your WordPress site.

Choose one of the pre-made quizzes or templates and create a simple quiz. Decide on the outcomes that you want to categorize quiz-takers on, and come up with a few (3-5) questions that will help you do that.

Decide where you will send each use based on their outcome.

Start letting everyone know about your quiz and have them share their results with their friends to start building your email list with qualified leads today.

Smart Quiz Builder is an invaluable part of my tech stack, and I have barely scratched the surface of all it can do.

People looking at their phones and having fun with the words You Need to Include Quizzes in Your Lead Generation