We are a community of passionate and creative, but easily distracted, entrepreneurs who work with like-minded online business women to finally be more productive.

We help each other go from busy to productive!

Focused two-hour silent coworking sessions help you move forward on the important projects in your business and to become more consistent, even if you have struggled with consistency before.

Optional weekly, half-hour focusing sessions help you find clarity, focus and structure for your coworking sessions.

Challenges throughout the year help you plan, systematize, and automate some of the tasks that require so much busy work in your business.

Other focused coworking sessions will help you to get some of your important (but often forgotten or set aside) maintenance tasks completed.

Wanna have some fun?

Are you a little bit distracted in your entrepreneurial journey. Having a bit of trouble being consistent?
There are so many things that distracted entrepreneurs can do to be more consistent and productive. One way is to add a bit of fun to your day. Try one of these four Fun Catchers to add a bit of fun to any activity in your work day!

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