As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly striving to grow our businesses and reach new audiences. Understanding the analytics behind our online presence is crucial for making informed decisions, shaping our strategies, and ultimately achieving success. But let’s be honest – Google Analytics 4 isn’t always the most user-friendly platform.  And I am not very GA4 literate. I definitely need some Google Analytics 4 Training. 

Yes, I set it up several months ago on my website(s) following a random video that I can’t link to because I don’t remember which video I watched and followed. I look at my dashboards and can see what posts, etc. are getting the most reach and so on. I know the basics, but that is about it.

Why I Started Searching

However, recently someone in my  Coworking Cooperative Membership asked for recommendations for a basic, step-by-step class or workshop on Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  Thank goodness she did. 

I took on the challenge eagerly. After all, I needed to know more about Google Analytics 4. I’m good at research and this would take mere minutes and I could move on. 

Little did I know . . .

What I Found and What I Didn’t Find

After extensive research, I found lots of consultants working 1-1 with clients setting up their Google Analytics and lots of courses that were all in the hundreds to the thousands of dollars covering everything you ever wanted to know about GA4. While I am sure that (at least some of) these courses were absolutely worth it, this is not what I (or she) am looking for. 

I want  something fairly basic that the average small business owner could take and implement in a reasonable amount of time. Just give me the basic information that most users need and want. I don’t want to become a GA expert, I don’t want to do this for other people, I just want a good handle on what I need and how to get it. 

So, the search continued as I fell into one rabbit hole after another . . . 

My particular rabbit holes involved Google searches, backlink searches, searching in groups and forums, asking people I was sure would have an answer and so on. 

Eventually I did what I should have done at the start: I asked my business buddies. And by that I mean I asked in a couple of large but friendly business groups I am in. Shockingly, I did not get the plethora of responses I was expecting. 

Even though the deadline for switching to GA 4 is fast approaching (July 1, 2023) there seemed to be very few resources on offer. 

I got one response from who had a very basic (too basic) mini course of GA4  and I got one other response.

The Answer to My GA4 Dreams!

Let me tell you more about that one other response. It was from the delightful and very knowledgeable Elizabeth Smith, Marketing Metrics Specialist. No, she didn’t have the workshop that I was describing, but if she could do a first run inside my membership, she would develop the workshop. Was I interested? 

Wowsers! Was I ever!!!!

Elizabeth was amazing. She asked what my members were specifically looking for, what kinds of business they have and other pertinent questions. 

We agreed that she would do the workshop inside the membership on May 23rd, 2023 (If you want free access to this workshop, sign up for Coworking Cooperative Membership – only $8 a month).

This Workshop will Cover All the Basics

When Elizabeth sent over the information for the workshop I was so excited and humbled by her generosity at the same time. 

In the workshop you will 

  • Set up your Google Analytics account (if you have Gmail, you have Analytics)
  • Install your GA4 code into your website or funnel builder (instructions included for major platforms)
  • Test that the data is flowing!  
  • Optimize your Settings so you’re getting the info you want flowing into Google Analytics, and none you don’t (more data doesn’t mean useful data)

You will walk away with:

  • Your GA4 account setup, installed, tested and optimized!
  • Standard KPIs for your industry so you know what to track inside GA
  • Where to look for said KPI data inside GA

And Elizabeth’s generosity doesn’t end there. She is including two amazing bonuses for members:

  • Two video tutorials for the more advanced: filtering internal traffic and setting up conversions
  • One 1:1 follow up call with me, to make certain everything’s set up right and you’re keeping your eyes on the right data for your business (The 1:1 follow up offer is good for any current member of the Coworking Cooperative Membership who books a call by June 30, 2023).

The Only Way to Access this Workshop

Remember, the only way to get this workshop right now is inside the Coworking Community Membership.  Inside, you will not only get this amazing workshop, but so much more:

  • Almost daily (silent) coworking sessions for an entire month. 
  • Regular “Water Cooler” chats where we gather around the virtual water cooler to chat with like-minded, amazing online entrepreneurs, 
  • Bonus workshops. 
  • Bonus interactive coworking sessions (there will definitely be one for implementing what we learn in Elizabeth’s workshop),
  • Resources 
  • And so much more 

All for less than the price of one lunch at your favourite drive through. 

If you (mostly) know what you need to do to move forward with your business, but struggle with actually doing those things, the Coworking Cooperative Membership might be just what you need. Imagine the motivation boost you’ll get from being in a virtual space alongside other entrepreneurs, all working simultaneously to drive their businesses forward – just like you!

I can’t wait to dive into Elizabeth Smarts’ Google Analytics Basics Workshop.

Thank you, Elizabeth!

Who is Elizabeth Smith?

Elizabeth is an email marketer-turned-data detective, successfully answering the question “Where are my clients and customers coming from?” for her clients, including course creators, coaches and digital product creators. She is the creator of a Google Analytics 4 assessment tool which has been described as 🔥 by entrepreneurs and used by many to identify exactly what needs to be improved in their GA4 accounts to get the best return on their data. Elizabeth lives in Colorado with her family and a garden filled with flowers three seasons a year. In her spare time, she enjoys hikes in the mountains, eating noodles with chopsticks, and re-reading “The Lord of the Rings”.

You can find out more about Elizabeth and her business here: