I know, you’ve been waiting with bated breath to hear the results, to find out how well that complete funnel written in 20 minutes (Menekşe’s funnel generator) worked.  

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It’s Monday and I promised you an update on Menekşe’s  “Marketing Magic Dashboards”

Drumroll please . . . 

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of most of the text that the Magic Dashboard produced, especially once I got the tone, style and voice down right. 

First off, I love the ease and speed with which Menekşe’s dashboard produced all the copy (first draft) for my product. It is amazing! I had all the major bases covered literally two minutes after entering my information (which only took about 12 minutes). 

The Sales Page

The sales page was very rich and had all the components that are important to any sales page, plus many additional areas that can be used for an expanded sales page and as material for launch/sales emails (though there is also an email dashboard that I haven’t really looked at in depth yet).

The vast majority of the copy was really well done and useful as it. I loved that after checking much of the copy, I could simply copy and paste it into my sales page.

I did need to tweak some of the copy for my own more personable approach. The openAI tends to respond with third person (they/them) and first person plural (we/our) and I strongly prefer using first and second singular pronouns (I/you).

There were a couple of glitches where the generated text made claims that my course would never aspire to. I wonder if that is due to my having skipped one of the inputs. I’ll ask Menekşe about it and will report back.

A Small Caution

Caution: Because this is so fun and easy, you may be tempted to go overboard on your sales page. I know I may have gone overboard on my sales page for A GIF-ted Business Workshop) and add far too many sections. Take a look and let me know what you think and I might tweak it later. 

For now, I wanted to really give the sales page copy a good test so I added a lot. But there was still more I could have added. If you like long sales pages, you will find plenty of material here for your sales page

As with any use of AI, it is essential to check everything the AI has written and make sure that you are not making false claims or saying things that you would never say in your own business. That is just common sense and expected no matter what tool you are using. 

Tripwire, Checkout and Upsell Pages

I didn’t really use the copy for the tripwire/checkout/upsell pages very much as I haven’t set this up as a tripwire page yet, my checkout page is fairly simple and I didn’t have an upsell. 

However I did use some of the order bump copy to enhance the current wording of my order bump because I found the copy so compelling. 

Post Purchase Email

The post-purchase email gave me some good information to use, but I have already created my own post-purchase email that I use. However, if I hadn’t, it would have been a really good foundation for a solid post-purchase email. 

Social Media Posts and Ads

Wow, what a treasure trove those two tabs are!

Seriously great material there (for the most part). I got a ton of material tweaked within well under an hour for all my social channels and Pinterest. They are loaded onto a spreadsheet, ready to be added in bulk to my scheduling app, Publer once I add the visuals elements.

Blog Posts

The titles and  outlines are great! The very first title I put into a Headline analyser gave me a score of 93! I never get a score that high.
While a high score in and of itself doesn’t really mean anything, the title is really good and one I would and now have, used. Check out my blog post, “Standing Out In A Crowd: Use Unique, Eye-Catching GIFs To Make Your Brand Shine” (coming soon). Isn’t that a great title. I used it as-is right from the Dashboard.

Menekşe includes a blog post generator, but I found it a bit cumbersome to use and didn’t love the results. Instead, I used an outline to create my own blog (with a little help from another AI blog post generator and heavy tweaking/additional human writing. 

So far, I’ve only created the one blog post, but will create more based on the outlines and on the sales page text that was generated. 

Affiliate Assets

I am not using affiliates yet. But once again, the copy generated here is really good and I will  use it elsewhere. 

And, it includes promotional ideas (brilliant)! Most of these ideas are amazing for a larger product, but have started my creative juices flowing for promo ideas to use.

Plus there are email swipes and more great social media posts that you can totally use for affiliates or that you can add to your own emails and social media post ideas. 

So cool!

Is This Funnel Generator Worth the Hype?

Overall, Menekşe’s  “Marketing Magic Dashboards” really impressed me. And so far, I’ve only used one of many Dashboards that are included.

The  “Magic Funnel Dashboard

  • saved me hours of work,
  • gave me a really great foundation for my whole funnel,
  • gave me a lot of amazing content to copy and paste into place and
  • completely eliminated dreaded blinking cursor syndrome.