I know you LOVE to write all the copy for your marketing funnel. Right?
If you don’t, read on . . . 

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The Funnel Magic Dashboard is just one of the amazing tools that are included in her Marketing Magic Dashboard. Others include (click to go to the blog post about each of the linked Dashboard):

  • Funnel Magic Dashboard Part 2 (for courses, services and programs), 
  • Email Magic (for your entire welcome sequence),  
  • Shop Magic Dashboard
  • Brand Magic (coming soon), 
  • Transcript Magic (to turn your videos into content for everywhere else), and 
  • The Generator (coming soon), 
  • Blog Post Generator, and more.


Recently I’ve  been working on a really cool project and was feeling pretty good about it. I saw how many people struggle, really struggle with getting their products out there because of all the marketing copy that goes into launching (tiny launch or big, either way).  

I knew I could solve this problem with the help of several pieces of software and started on it.  I was figuring it out as I went and it was a slow process. I was enjoying it, but didn’t have enough time to devote to it. 

What Stopped Me

But then, something happened. Menekşe Stewart beat me to it!

Now, I am not one to give up easily and I don’t suggest you give up on something just because someone else beat you to it. But, I was not really loving my project at this point and Menekşe’s tool is something else. 

It’s called “The Marketing Magic Dashboards,” and it can help you create all the content you need for your marketing funnel in about 20 minutes. Yes, you read that right – 20 MINUTES! That’s insane!

Menekşe’s “Magic Dashboards” has you supply a few key pieces of information and then lets AI do its “Magic” to create all your copy for you, in just a few minutes!!!

Menekşe’s “Magic Dashboards”

Her dashboards require a few minutes to input some basic information about you, your customer and your product. This is all simple information that you have already thought about as you planned your product. 

Then you turn on the GPT integration and sit back and watch the magic happen. Watch as the Dashboard creates content for your

  • Sales page
  • Tripwire page
  • Check out page
  • Upsell page
  • Post-purchase email
  • Social posts
  • Facebook ads
  • Blog posts and
  • Affiliate swipes


Menekşe’s Dashboard creates all that content in mere moments. 

Then just check the text, edit it a bit and copy and paste it to your templates on your Sales Page and everywhere else. WOWSERS!

And if that isn’t enough, Menekşe has more content generators included and even more on the way. These include Email Magic (already there), Brand Magic, Shop Magic, Transcript Magic and more.

That all sounds fantastic! But, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, but what’s the catch?” 

Well, there is one. But it is a tiny catch.

The only thing you need in addition to Menekşe “Magic Dashboards” is a paid version of OpenAI and around 60¢ worth of tokens for a whole campaign. That’s it!

What are Tokens

I know what you’re thinking now. “What are tokens?” 

Tokens are like currency in OpenAI that you use to generate text. 

Every prompt you give GPT based Ai and every response you get uses up tokens. A token is equal to 4 characters and pricing is based on 1000 token (about 750 word) chunks. With chat, it costs about 2¢ per 1000 tokens.

For a more thorough discussion of tokens, check out OpenAi’s article, “What are Tokens and How to Count Them.”

If you want to know how many tokens something is, you can use the Tokenizer tool and find out. I checked how many tokens this blog post is, even though it is written by a human (me) and found that this entire blog post is 1000 tokens. So, if it had been generated, it would have cost me 4¢. (Gee, why did I spend all that time writing it? Because I wanted to and that’s OK) 

An average funnel, according to Menekşe, costs about 60¢. Yup. That is not a typo. $0.60 for the entire funnel.

More About Controlling How Much it Costs

When you sign up, you get a $5.00 credit for tokens, and it’s valid for three months. 

And then there are a few things you can do to help control your spending month of these, very cheap tokens. 

  1. You can also set a limit on the amount you spend per month, so you’ll never have to worry about going over your budget.  You can do that very easily in your paid account.  
    I have set mine to send me an email when I have used $5 and to stop generating when I reach $10. I can always go and change those limits if I need to.
  2. You can also check on your usage there and get a much more detailed usage report on the “Usage” page of your account.
  3. Once you have your Dashboards set up in Sheets, just remember to only enable the GPT when you’re ready to generate text, and once your text has been generated, turn off the generating by replacing the GPT formulas with values.

I have played with Menekşe’s “Magic Dashboards”  and they are impressive. Later today, I will create an entire funnel using the Dashboards and report back. 

Watch it in Action

Watch me create the entire funnel right before your eyes:

Happy Now?

I’m happy to say that I’m freeing myself up for other things now that Menekşe has created such an amazing tool.

It’s fast, efficient, and will save you so much time and money. So what are you waiting for? Go check it out! You can get “The Marketing Magic Dashboards” for yourself.

Or if you are a “I have to see it to believe it” kind of person, sign up for Menekşe’s 20-Minute Funnel Build where she goes through the entire process on camera.

You really owe it to yourself. 

And there is a special discount if you act soon. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Check here for the results: Complete Sales Funnel In 20 Minutes? Results