I know that you feel that there is always more to do. And that is a good thing. Listen to this episode of Productivish: Musings of a Distracted Entrepreneur to find out more!

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Transcription of this Episode

And that is a good thing,

There is no way on earth that you can be doing ALL the things that you could be doing. 

That does not mean you are not doing enough.

And really hear me on this, just because “there is ALWAYS more to do and you always feel like you could be doing more” does not mean 

  • That you are behind
  • That you should be doing more
  • That you need to be doing more
  • That you can be doing more

There is no company, no organization, no government  on the face of this earth, regardless of how much money they have, how many employees they have or how many resources they have, that doesn’t have a long list of all the things that that “could” be doing in addition to what they are doing. 

No company out there thinks that they’re doing everything that they possibly could do to be growing their business.

There is always more to do and you can always feel like you could be doing more.

So, stop listening to all the things you could be doing or should be doing. Stop feeling guilty for not doing what no one person on the planet or even one organization could possibly do. 

But, you might say, Amy Porterfield is doing this, that and the other thing.

No, Amy Porterfield is not doing all that. Her team is doing most of the grunt work and much of the creative work as well. Amy Porterfield does the most visible stuff and much of the strategizing, but she has a team to help her with everything else. You are not Amy Porterfield. Not even Amy Porterfield is Amy Porterfield. The Amy Porterfield that you see, is actually her whole team  creating the illusion that Amy Porterfield is doing all of the things. I am willing to bet anything that if asked, even with all the bases she and her team cover, Amy has a list of things she could be doing in addition to all the things they are already doing.   

As you, or Amy and her team, or as any other organization gets a better foundation and processes put in place for the things you are already doing and lets go of things that are no longer working well, you can slowly move things from the list of things you could be doing to the list of things you   doing. 

So, if the list of things you could be doing seems long and intimidating, celebrate. You are on the right track. 
And whatever you do, do not try to do all of those things. 

View it as a list of things you could possibly do in the future (or not) and then let those things go for now.

Heck, I encourage you to examine the things that you are doing right now and moving some of  them  off the “things you are doing list” and onto the “things you could be doing list.”

I’ll talk more about some criteria to decide what things you might consider not doing now or perhaps ever and what things you should definitely keep doing in future episodes.